Previous Talks on Video

Perimeter Institute Workshop on Quantum Spacetime: Where effective field theory fails

Pittsburgh Lunchtime Talk: Renormalization group explanations in particle physics

Center for Philosophy of Science 5-minute fellows

Pittsburgh Lunchtime Talk: Philosophy of the cosmological constant

Geneva Beyond Spacetime Prize Talk: Problems with the cosmological constant problem

Rotman Dialogue with Jenann Ismael: How Physics Makes us Free

Upcoming Talks

May 2023, Western University: It’s not 0K: Conceptual issues in finite-temperature field theory

May 2023, Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Science and July 2023, Foundations of Physics: Finite-temperature field theory: we’re alright, but we’re not 0K.

Blog posts

Rotman Institute, Interview with Adam Koberinski June 2020

What does the cosmological problem tell us about effective field theory? June 2020

Does cosmology need inflation? Feb 2020

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